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Perfume Oil

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The Perfume Oil Company's beautiful oils are compact and easy to carry. Nestled in a sturdy, cylinder box, these 10ml oils are packaged in a chic, square bottle with glass roller ball for easy application.

Perfume Oils make beautiful gifts or a special treat just for you!

Available in a range of inspired fragrances as well as a range that are solely pure essential oils.


ZEST is a pure essential oil blend of Tangerine, Lemon and Grapefruit.  The notes are fresh and citrus, offering an uplifting and fresh feeling!

BALM is a pure essential oil blend of Lavender, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang.  This fragrance blend offers a very calming and soothing effect with sweet undertones.

TWIG - Pure Essential Perfume Oil - a pure essential oil blend of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang.  The notes in this blend are earthy and woody, creating a warm and indulgent feel!


ROSE OUD A delicate rose, wrapped in smoky oud wood with a hint of clove and the sweetness of praline - a gorgeous fragrance for both men and women.

GYPSY A Unisex Woody Aromatic fragrance inspired by Gypsy Water (Byredo). Notes of Bergamot, Lemon Incense, Orris, Amber & Sandalwood Vanilla

LUSH An energetic, fresh and fruity fragrance, inspired by Be Delicious - DKNY

DARE A delicate, romantic and fresh fragrance, inspired by Chance Tendre - CC

VICE A unisex, luscious and woody scent, inspired by Tobacco Vanille - Tom Ford

SANTAL Unisex, aromatic and fresh woody! Notes of Cedar, Cardamon, Violet, Leather, Amber, Iris and Sandalwood.

BLONDE A sophisticated, powdery white floral inspired by Bloom from Gucci. Notes of Tuberose and Jasmine.

ROUGE A sophisticated, Oriental Floral - sweet and woody! Notes of Saffron, Jasmine, Amberwood, Fir Resin and Cedar.